• How Can I Improve My Posture?

    How Can I Improve My Posture?

    Posture is summed up by the definition ‘positioning of the body.’  Very much like a pose, there is a right way and a wrong way to hold yourself when sitting, standing, walking or doing anything else that involves not lying prone. So many people ask ‘how I can improve my posture,’ and it’s a relevant…

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  • Reflexology at the Cabin

    Reflexology at the Cabin

    Reflexology is based on the premis that hands and feet are mirrors to the body, and by the application of pressure to different parts of the body, we can be restored to a state of balance, and homeostasis. What  is generally accepted, is that reflexology helps to relax you, assists with the ability to cope…

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  • What is Rosacia?

    What is Rosacia?

    I’m often asked what treatment there is in a beauty salon for clients unfortunate enough to have rosacea.  The good news is, that many facials are perfect suitable for clients who have rosacea, and it just takes a little time to devise a routine that is perfect for the client. For those of us with…

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