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Benefits of Massage

Massage can be a refresher for the whole body. It’s one of those things where there are so many options that it’s difficult to pick any one treatment. When we look for treatments, there are several we can choose from.

Body Massage

Under body massage, there are a whole host of different options.

Some are:

  • Full Body
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders
  • Hot Stone Full Body
  • Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulders
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Bamboo

Breaking these down is a bit of a minefield, as there are often so many different terms for the same thing. In most circumstances, ‘body massage’ and ‘swedish massage’ will be the same or very similar, in that it is a relaxing, hands on and feel good massage. ‘Deep tissue massage,’ will have more pressure, depth and tools may be used to maniplate muscles.

The one that is different from all the rest is the ‘sports massage.’

Sports massage therapists ‘should,’ have significant training to enable deeper manipulation of muscle and tissue. Short courses and beauty or holistic therapy courses do not qualify the therapist to perform a sports massage. For this option, ensure you choose your therapist well, and ensure they suitably qualified.

Treating Yourself

Therapy level body massage is a treat. There will be some minimal manipulation of muscles and several knots may be found and worked on, but on the whole, it should be therapeutic and for the most part, relaxing.

5 Benefits of Massage

Here is a short guide to help you decide if a massage is for you.

1 – Helps with Stress and Tension

Reducing stress levels tends to be the ultimate goal for most of us in this fast moving world of 24 hour lives. When we add the risk of stress related conditions that can affect our lives, such as headaches, and insomnia, massage looks like an acceptable option.

2 – Eases Muscles Tension and Pain

Knots, pain, injuries and bad posture can have a significantly negative impact on our lives as a whole. Massage improves the flow of blood to muscles, which in turn, helps to reduce pain and increase flexor reach.

3 – Aids Sleep and Reduces Stress Levels

With the increase in the feel good hormone released during enjoyable activities like massage, getting to sleep can be easier, and sleep can be more relaxed and comfortable with some people reporting reduced effects of conditions such as restless legs and muscle aches.

4 – Immune System Boosting

In the same way that massage aids sleep and reduced stress levels, the potential of reduction of symptoms from inflammatory and immune system issues can be noticeable.

5 – Improve Blood Circulation

All that relaxing movement can help push newly oxygenated blood as far as the fingers and toes, providing vital nutrients and helping you to feel better and be more energised.


Massage therapy is not a replacement for a consultation with your GP. If you have any
medical issues, please contact your own GP or medical professional before coming for a

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What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a luxury treatment that is wonderful at any time of year.  Heated volcanic basalt stones are placed on the body and used by your therapist as part of the massage.  The heat is soothing to the muscles and very relaxing, while warming up those muscles easily, allowing for a completely different massage.

Chakras can be used, via semi-precious stones that have been heated in our special stone warming bag, and placed over your chakras or energy centres of your body.  This balances the chakras and helps clear the energy around your body.

Hot Stone Massage

  • Calms your nervous system.
  • Relaxes you.
  • Improves circulation of your blood by delivering more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Helps improve the process of toxin removal by the lymph system.
  • Helps with aching muscles.
  • Can help chronic pain.

When NOT To Have A Hot Stone Massage

Some of the following may mean a hot stone massage is not for you.  If in doubt, just ask us and we’ll check for you.

  • Where there is any nerve damage.
  • Bells Palsy.
  • Diabetes.
  • Prescription Medicines that may interact, including blood thinners.
  • Varicose Veins.
  • Cancer.
  • Burns, including sunburn.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Heart and Circulation Problems.

What Happens at a Hot Stone Massage

You will have a client consultation with us, to ensure we have your medical history, and tailor the hot stone massage to what you are looking for.  We will fill out the medical forms and discuss your history, to rule out any current contraindications, or barriers to you being able to have a hot stone massage.

When we move to your treatment, you will be given time to change and make yourself comfortable on the couch.  You will be provided with clean towels, and an enormous bath sheet is used to cover you, providing privacy, warmth and comfort.

The stones are heated in a special heating bag, and the treatment will commence with a gentle arm, leg and head stretch, before the massage begins.

Only the part of your body which is being worked on with be uncovered at any time, as it your body temperature can drop during the time of a massage.  We also supply a heated bed to lie on, ensuring heat is retained during your whole treatment.

At the end of your treatment, you will be given a glass of water to drink before getting off the treatment couch.

Please drink plenty fresh water after your treatment, for up to 24 hours.

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The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian Head Massage?

As great fans of massage at, it’s easy for us to pin down the obvious, which is the whole point of having any massage at all.  If we believe the hype, massage can cure all ills, from physical and mental, to psychological.

I’m no doctor or scientist, but the people who’ve carried out Indian Head Massage for at least a thousand years, must at least, know a little about what they’re so famous for.  Indian Head Massage, or Ayurvedic healing, has been a staple of India for so long, that the name has stuck, even here in the UK.

Feeling good is the best benefit of massage, and with physical and mental well-being being targeted, there are some real benefits to setting aside some time for yourself.

Lets break this down a little.

What Massage Does

  • Increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.  The sciency bit tells us that by increasing blood flow, we also increase deliver of nutrients and oxygen.
  • It’s said to help increase the growth of hair.
  • Helps us to relax.
  • Helps to reduce stress levels.
  • Aids restful sleep.
  • Said to help with chronic sinusitis.

What Helps Indian Head Massage Be Successful

  • Slow, rhythmic movements, help put people at ease, and allow them to relax.
  • Oils help improve the experience.  Using aromatherapy, it’s possible to target well-being, health and feel good scents, based on the client needs.  Different massage oils can instill different emotions and feelings.
  • Massage of the head, neck and scalp, relieves tension, helping to improve circulation in the area.
  • Said to help with migraines and back-pain.  Tension in the upper back, neck and head can be helped, as the massage begins with an upper back massage, and moves onto the arms and shoulders, before continuing with the neck, head and face.
  • Part of an Indian Head Massage, includes a lymphatic draining facial, with helps remove puffiness from the face.
  • Can assist with better sleeping habits.  Sleeping badly is a 21st Century condition, mainly brought about by our busy and stressful lives.  Being able to de-stress, helps our bodies relax and many people find sleeping easier after any form of massage.

When NOT To Have An Indian Head Massage

There are times when it wouldn’t be advisable to have this form of massage.

  • Where there are open wounds.
  • When taking alcohol.
  • Inflamed skin and or taking exfoliating action medication.
  • Headlice.
  • Cancer – without GP or specialist approval.
  • Epilepsy or low blood pressure would require caution and GP approval.
  • Blood clot history.
  • Pain in the area.

Ayurvedic healing

As well as being an absolutely fabulous treatment, Indian Head Massage roots are steeped in tradition.  The massage is traditionally believed to block negative energy in the body, through pressure to one of the seven Chakras (or energy centres) of the body.

The Indian Head Massage at Sanctuary Aberdeen, usually lasts for approximately 40-45 minutes.  We do use oils, unless we are requested not to.  When seated in a chair, and made comfortable, we begin with the upper back, to help remove knots and begin to relax our client.  We move to the shoulders, upper arms and then the neck, at which point, our clients begin to visibly relax.  we then move our massage to the scalp, allowing the entire head to relax, and ending with a very gentle lymphatic draining treatment to the face, which can aid with sinusitis and headaches.