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The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian Head Massage?

As great fans of massage at, it’s easy for us to pin down the obvious, which is the whole point of having any massage at all.  If we believe the hype, massage can cure all ills, from physical and mental, to psychological.

I’m no doctor or scientist, but the people who’ve carried out Indian Head Massage for at least a thousand years, must at least, know a little about what they’re so famous for.  Indian Head Massage, or Ayurvedic healing, has been a staple of India for so long, that the name has stuck, even here in the UK.

Feeling good is the best benefit of massage, and with physical and mental well-being being targeted, there are some real benefits to setting aside some time for yourself.

Lets break this down a little.

What Massage Does

  • Increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.  The sciency bit tells us that by increasing blood flow, we also increase deliver of nutrients and oxygen.
  • It’s said to help increase the growth of hair.
  • Helps us to relax.
  • Helps to reduce stress levels.
  • Aids restful sleep.
  • Said to help with chronic sinusitis.

What Helps Indian Head Massage Be Successful

  • Slow, rhythmic movements, help put people at ease, and allow them to relax.
  • Oils help improve the experience.  Using aromatherapy, it’s possible to target well-being, health and feel good scents, based on the client needs.  Different massage oils can instill different emotions and feelings.
  • Massage of the head, neck and scalp, relieves tension, helping to improve circulation in the area.
  • Said to help with migraines and back-pain.  Tension in the upper back, neck and head can be helped, as the massage begins with an upper back massage, and moves onto the arms and shoulders, before continuing with the neck, head and face.
  • Part of an Indian Head Massage, includes a lymphatic draining facial, with helps remove puffiness from the face.
  • Can assist with better sleeping habits.  Sleeping badly is a 21st Century condition, mainly brought about by our busy and stressful lives.  Being able to de-stress, helps our bodies relax and many people find sleeping easier after any form of massage.

When NOT To Have An Indian Head Massage

There are times when it wouldn’t be advisable to have this form of massage.

  • Where there are open wounds.
  • When taking alcohol.
  • Inflamed skin and or taking exfoliating action medication.
  • Headlice.
  • Cancer – without GP or specialist approval.
  • Epilepsy or low blood pressure would require caution and GP approval.
  • Blood clot history.
  • Pain in the area.

Ayurvedic healing

As well as being an absolutely fabulous treatment, Indian Head Massage roots are steeped in tradition.  The massage is traditionally believed to block negative energy in the body, through pressure to one of the seven Chakras (or energy centres) of the body.

The Indian Head Massage at Sanctuary Aberdeen, usually lasts for approximately 40-45 minutes.  We do use oils, unless we are requested not to.  When seated in a chair, and made comfortable, we begin with the upper back, to help remove knots and begin to relax our client.  We move to the shoulders, upper arms and then the neck, at which point, our clients begin to visibly relax.  we then move our massage to the scalp, allowing the entire head to relax, and ending with a very gentle lymphatic draining treatment to the face, which can aid with sinusitis and headaches.

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