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Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling is a holistic treatment that has been used for centuries.  The candles were originally made my Hopi Indians, hence the name we’re used to knowing this treatment as in the modern world.

At our Bon Accord Street premises in Aberdeen, Sanctuary Aberdeen and Sanctuary Training Academy, use the original BIOSUN ear candles, which are still made by hand, using a traditional recipe, and fine ingredients.  With pure beeswax, honey extract and herbs including St John’s Wort, Camomile and Pure Essential Oils, there’s much to enjoy with this quick and easy treatment.

BIOSUN candles also carry the CE labels, and are classed as certified medical products.  Never attempt to attempt a Hopi Ear Candling session on yourself, as there is risk of fire, and accident.  All therapists are required to be certified to carry out this treatment.

What To Expect

Your therapy session will last from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on which option you choose with us.

  • Hopi Ear Candling Treatments 30 Minutes
  • Hopi Ear Candling Treatment with post candling Facial Treatment of the affected area. 45 Minutes.

At the start of your treatment, you will be asked to remove your shoes and coat, and settle yourself on our therapy bed, on your side, with an ear facing upwards.  The bed will have a lovely warm electric blanket, for your comfort.  You will settle yourself on one side, and a cover will be placed over your ear.

The Hopi Candle will be lit and inserted into your ear, then allowed to burn down to just above the safety mark before being extinguished.   Your therapist will place a hand over your ear while this treatment is carried out.

Each candle has a safety filter, to prevent wax entering your ear.  While the candle burns down, you will experience a crackling in your ear, which is perfectly normal as part of the treatment.  The treatment will be repeated on your other side, and at the end, we will open the candles if you wish, to see the inner contents.

There will be a light feeling of suction while the candle burns, which has a massage type effect on your eardrum, and for most people, is very relaxing.  Many people have been known to fall asleep during their Hopi Candle sessions.

The light pressure and warmth in your ears can be felt in the forehead and sinuses, with supporters often reporting a soothing feeling, which helps their tinnitus, sinuses, stress and anxiety.  The experience is different for each individual.

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