Electrical Facials: Direct High Frequency

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In the field of facial electricals, direct high frequency is sometimes forgotten in the scramble for muscle toning microcurrent, but it’s not one to be dismissed.

Direct High Frequency works right on the skin, in the surface, helping to resurface, tone and deal with breakouts and spots. Combine this with an LED near infrared and blue light treatment, it can be incredible for the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, but extra beneficial for oily spots and breakouts.

Benefits of Direct High Frequency

  • Helps warm skin tissues, increasing blood circulation, which in turn promotes mild erythema (temporary rosiness) to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin being treated.
  • Speeds up the rate of cell metabolism, allowing your skin to improve in appearance.
  • Using oxygenated cream and gauze, the current converts the oxygen to ozone, and helps to dry out problem areas.
  • Ozone leaves a germicidal effect on the skin, which is especially beneficial for oily skin types and areas.
  • Helps to improve skin texture.
  • Where required, on breakouts, sparking, which feels like tiny electric tingles can help increase the benefits of the treatment, treating spots and specific areas. To spark, the electrode is bounced 0.5cm above the skin and quickly tapped onto the breakout, up to 8 times in gentle moves.

What Does It Feel Like?

Direct High Frequency treatments are relaxing and targeted for best effect, depending on your skin.

  • You may feel nothing at all.
  • Some people report slight tingling during the 10-15 minutes of direct contact with the face.
  • Some zapping tingles may occur with sparking, which is perfectly normal.
  • You may notice an ozone smell as the treatment begins to work its’ magic.

How Often to Have a Direct High Frequency Treatment

  • If you come to us for an anti ageing or acne targeting treatment, we may use DHF as part of your facial.
  • One treatment can bring good results, however for best effect, the results with electrical treatments are cumulative.
  • A course of 6 treatments is recommended. (One Per Week) then maintenance at every 4-6 weeks once the skin has improved.

Best Homecare Aftercare

As always with targeted treatments, aftercare is important.

  • At the end of every treatment, you will have a germicidal layer on your skin (germ/bacterial free skin). Please try not to touch your skin.
  • Avoid make-up for up to 12 hours.
  • Avoid the sun where possible, and use a high factor good quality sunscreen.
  • Keep hydrated with at least 2 litres of water a day.

Treatment Procedure

  • Consultation & Skin Sensitivity Tests
  • Eye and Lip Cleanse. Please arrive without eye make-up if possible.
  • Double Cleanse, Tone and Blot with Hot Towel Product Removal.
  • Oxygenating Cream and Gauzed will be applied to the face.
  • 10-15 minutes of Direct High Frequency Current applied to the face.
  • Up to 5 minutes of Sparking where required.
  • A Face Mask is an optional extra for this treatment and can be added at the time of booking. We recommend a hydrogel mask.
  • LED Light Treatment is an optional extra for this treatment and can be added at the time of booking.

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