Microcurrent – Background to The Non Surgical Facelift

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Microcurrent treatments have been used by medical professionals and celebrities for years. Good results were achieved where facial muscles had been paralysed by Bells Palsy, and proved themselves able to relift sagging muscles in the face.

In the industry for therapy and beauty, microcurrent has become the leading beauty treatment for prevention and treatment of ageing skin, and is a more modern version than the older style Faradic electrical treatments.

The Wavelength.

The microcurrent we use is tiny. It is in the range of

  • 0.8Hz to help lift deep facial muscles.
  • 10Hz to help lift superficial facial muscles.
  • 20Hz to stimulate circulation.
  • 300Hz to help with lymphatic drainage.
  • 500Hz penetrates just below the skin, for a skin booster.

As you can see, the shorter the waveform, the deeper the current can work to penetrate through the skin and improve skin appearance by toning the skin and help with muscles.

What Do Microcurrent Treatments Do?

  • Facial muscles are connected to the skins surface, and are idea for working on with microcurrent. The muscles are stimulated with the current, and contract or expand, depending on the probes used and the direction of the current.
  • As the non surgical facelift, microcurrent helps to tone muscles and re-educate them to go back to their original position. Sagging skin is helped, blood circulation and lymphatic flow is improved, and the speed of elimination of toxins and waste is increased.
  • Our bodies send out messages through our own bio-electrical field, which is our brain using the nervous system to send out messages and impulses through the spinal column and soft tissues. As we get older, our body gets slower at sending these messages. Microcurrent helps our bodies to speed this process up.
  • As circulation to face muscle tissue improves, the skin will produce proteins such as collagen and elastin at an increased rate.

What Will I Feel During Treatment?

While your treatment is being performed, you may feel.

  • Nothing. Due to the way microcurrent is delivered, the sensation felt will be small, as the muscle and nerve pathways are not stimulated. There may be no visible muscle spasms or jumping during the treatment.
  • Some clients may experience tingling, a metalic taste in the mouth or some mild flashing lights.

How Many Treatments Should I Have?

For best effect, an initial course of 10 treatments works best in the following order:

  • Weeks 1-2 (3 x 1 Hour sessions with at least a day in-between each session.)
  • Weeks 3-4 (2 x 1 Hour sessions with at least a day in-between each session.)
  • Maintenance (1 Session every 4-6 weeks.)

Summary of Benefits of Microcurrent Treatment.

  1. Improves fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Improvement in skin appearance.
  3. Evens skin tone and smoothes texture.
  4. Retrains facial muscles for improved facial contour.
  5. Boosts circulation to the face and reduces puffiness by enhancing facial tone, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  6. Immediate results.
  7. Relatively painless.

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