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Eve Taylor Face and Body products are formulated with pure essential oils, sourced from prime locations around the world.

All products are free from being potentially harmful.  Parabens and formulated using only safe, proven, effective ingredients.

Eve Taylor do not, nor have they ever tested on our animal friends.  Tests are only made on willing human beings.

Eve Taylor is proud to be a British company, with products manufactured in their own factory in the United Kingdom.

All products are manufactured on-site, cutting down costs for production, and to still be able to produce product lines in small batches.  They are produced as they are needed, to cut down on time sitting on shelves, and ensuring active ingredients are fresh.

Eve Taylor products use the power of Aromatherapy and botanical essences, to bring amazing benefits.    Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils.  The aromatic fragrances have therapeutic properties.

Essential oils are extracted from elements of plants like roots, bark, flowers and seeds.

Ultra Soothing – For hypersensitive, reactive or reddened skin.

Soothing – For dry, ageing or sensitive skin.

Balancing – For normal to combination skin.

Purifying – For oily skin with comedones and breakouts.

Within each of the four product range categories, there are products available to cleanse, tone and moisturise.  For soothing, balancing and purifying, there are luxurious face masks.

Target products for the eyes, exfoliants, masks, oils, serums and sun protection.

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