What is Rosacia?

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I’m often asked what treatment there is in a beauty salon for clients unfortunate enough to have rosacea.  The good news is, that many facials are perfect suitable for clients who have rosacea, and it just takes a little time to devise a routine that is perfect for the client.

For those of us with rosacea, it can be a nightmare.  As well as breakouts like adult acne, a ruby-red nose which can make the skin course, and flushing, we can look as if we’ve had a drink or two too many.  I know I’ve been quite lucky as I’ve got older, to have more or less just the flushing issue now, but I have friends who struggle with this condition.

We’re in good company though, as plenty other people have it too.  For many, it comes on in adulthood, and at all different degrees of being affected.  I’ve read that Princess Diana had it, as well as Prince Charles.  Prince Harry does look like he has it, but possibly just rosy cheeks.  Cameron Diaz is said to be a sufferer, and you can’t get much more famous than that.

It’s mostly skin that often breaks out in spots, with sensitive red blotching across the tops of the cheeks and the nose.  The effects can increase in the winter, so it’s a perfect time to get a facial with great products.  We cannot provide this facial with clients who are undergoing treatment with an exfoliating cream by a skin specialist.  Please wait until you are finished your treatment before requesting a facial.

To help clients with rosacea, we:

  • Use sensitive products.
  • Use a powder exfoliant that has no rough scrubbing action.
  • Use a sensitive skin face mask for hydration, and to help reduce redness.
  • Protect the skin using high factor sun cream, and recommend they do the same, 365 days of the year.
  • Massage the face, decollete, arms and hands, with a lavender based facial oil, to combat dryness, and help reduce stress levels in the client.

Our facials for rosacea are £50 for an hour, and we give you a full hour for your appointment.

New Clients

When you arrive:

  • You will fill out your consultation form and talk to your therapist, who will confirm your medical history.  We do this for your safety, in the rare event that we might have to call an ambulance for a client, we will then have the correct information to be able to give them about your health.
  • After confirming that the treatment is appropriate for you, we will select the products to use and you will have time to get ready.
  • For a full facial, you will be asked to remove your upper clothes, and either wrap yourself in a towel, or lie under the towel, using it as a cover.  We don’t want to get oil over your clothes.
  • When you are comfortable, we will use a headband to keep as much of your hair out-of-the-way as possible, and your treatment will begin.

To book:

  • Please leave a message and we will get back to you.
  • E-mail: hello@thetherapycabin.co.uk
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