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Nouvatan Spray Tan At The Therapy Cabin

Yes, it’s Nouvatan solution here at the Therapy Cabin.

Choosing a tan brand can be difficult to work through, as there are just so many out there. Here’s some great reasons to choose the brand I think is the absolute best out there.

British Through and Through

Yes, that is a reason to look at Nouvatan. We’re not going to struggle with the supply chain, and being British manufactured is also a boost to the local economies, but that’s just for starters. Spray tan definitely has a shelf life, and if we depend on our solutions having had to wait at customs or get through the Brexit paperwork trail, the average lifespan of the solution drops significantly. Sometimes, it can take 6 or more weeks for a solution to go from manufacture to the salon, and brands often run out close to holiday seasons, but not with a British made solution…..

Paraben and Alcohol Free

As natural as DHA can be, which is the main ingredient in spray tan and is made from sugar. Nouvatan has a paraben free preservative in the ingredients list and is also alcohol and oil free.

Ethical – Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly

It really is. None of Nouvatan products have been tested on animals, and the solutions are totally vegan friendly too.

You Can’t Get It In The Supermarket

Nouvatan is a salon/trained therapist only range. You won’t be able to find it when you’re browsing your shopping centres. There are no distrubutory middle men sitting on stock. The solutions go straight from the Nouvatan factory to the therapists and salons.

The solutions are only sold to trained therapists. You’d be surprised at how many people spray tan with no training at all.

Great Range of Solutions

At The Therapy Cabin, you can have your spray tan in the following percentages:

  • 8% – 8 hour development time. Great for brides and very fair / sensitive skin.
  • 8% – Tansparent from Nouveau. No guide colour, no colour transfer.
  • 10% – 8 hour development time. Another popular bridal choice and light skin.
  • 12% – 8 hour development time. Medium tan.
  • 14% – 8 hour development time. Medium/Dark tan for experienced tanners.
  • 16% – 8 hour development time. Usually very olive skin or someone used to tanning, who knows how deep this tan may become.
  • 20% – (2-4 hour wash off for rapid tan), or 8 hour development time for the very brave.

Nouvatan Spray Tan Solution contains Natural Active Organic Ingredients, that are enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E.

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