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Reflexology at the Cabin

Reflexology is based on the premis that hands and feet are mirrors to the body, and by the application of pressure to different parts of the body, we can be restored to a state of balance, and homeostasis.

What  is generally accepted, is that reflexology helps to relax you, assists with the ability to cope with stress, and improves the circulation of blood and lymph around the body.

When you think about how you rub an area of your body if it feels painful, this idology begins to make sense.  That is an instinct within us all.

Let’s explore that a little:

  • Rubbing an area stimulates sensory fibres, but pain stimulates small fibres.  That’s why rubbing an area that’s painful can help.
  • A TENS machine, which uses electrical nerve stimulation in a medical setting for pain relief to small areas, works in a similar way.

Pain is also, usually agreed, to be affected by both the physical aspects, and the psychological condition and environment of the person suffering pain.  Treating the whole person, rather than just the site of pain, can be beneficial.

Stress and Reflexology

Reflexology is relaxing, and the result of being relaxed, is usually a reduced state of stress.  If your doctor is sure any symptoms you are experiencing is not due to a health problem, signs of stress can include:

  • Feeling hot and flushed.
  • Lump in the throat, hyperventilating.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Muscle tensing.
  • Teeth grinding.
  • Aches and pains.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Restlessness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Feeling upset or worried about small tasks.
  • Feeling vulnerable or insecure.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Trying to do too much.
  • Difficulty thinking clearly.
  • Over reactions to normal situations.

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How Does Reflexology Help

As it is very relaxing, for both the body and mind, that reduction in stress levels, can mean the hormones the body might produce as a result of stress, ie cortisol to help us cope with fight or flight, don’t get increased.

  • Non Invasive.
  • Drug free.

Said to improve cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, by being:

  • Relaxing.
  • Massage of the feet encourages better circulation.
  • Pressure helps stimulate the circulation for heart and lymphatic reflexed.

Reflexology Treatment Experience 

  • We will clean your feet, then gently introduce our hands to your feet, so that you can get used to being touched.
  • We will massage the solar plexus mirror point on your feet, while you are becoming comfortable.
  • We may use oil, body butter or massage cream to help your reflexology session be as pleasant for you as possible, like any other massage..
  • When we first begin, we will ask you if the pressure used is ok.  After that, we will leave you to relax and settle back into a lovely massage.


Reflexology is a holistic therapy, the premise of which, is to treat the whole body.  That includes body and soul.