Dermalux Flex MD Procedure – LED Light Therapy

The Dermalux Flex MD can be safely used immediately after most cosmetic, aesthetic, medical and surgical procedures.

Suitable for use on it’s own as a non contact treatment, or as part of a wider therapy that includes other treatments.

The Procedure

1Following your consultation, we will proceed to carry out your chosen treatment plan.
2When you are ready for your LED Dermalux Flex MD treatment, we will place the canopy in the correct position, and make you comfortable.
3We will supply you with eye wear to protect your eyes. You will be asked to close your eyes during the treatment, however if the lights are too bright, we can add cotton pads under your eyewear to make the treatment less bright.
4Treatment Protocol for 20-30 minutes, while you relax.
5When your treatment is complete, we will assess your skin, and remove your eyewear protection. Your skin may appear slightly flushed upon completion of the treatment, which is very normal and will subside quickly.
6Your skin will be moisturised and protected with appropriate skin care products, and completed with an SPF 50 cream. If you are having a non contact (lights only) treatment, we will ask you to use an SPF before leaving.
7Best results are achieved from Dermalux Flex MD treatments when the build up over time. A course of 10-12 treatments over 4-6 weeks will provide more visible results.

ACTIVATE – 10-12 treatments over 4-6 weeks.
BOOST – Individual treatments or short booster courses of up to 3, to revitalise.
COMBINE – Use LED with or after targeted treatments to enhance and speed up results.